First entry, graphical design

Portfolios / Exams
  • Introductions:

Hello, my name is Johan, and just now became a student again. To be honest i did not get much sleep last night, It`s about a decade ago since i last dedicated myself to any structured education of any kind. So, needless to say, i might be a tad excited.

I moved to Melhus, Norway last week and i still struggle with the occasional cardboard box, but i am loving my new place. I even have a designated workspace. Melhus is just south of Trondheim where i was born in 1985. I also spend some time at the family farm or rather smallholdings, which is located on the northern tip of a coastal island called Frøya.

Drink n Draw

As long as i can remember i have been scribbling and drawing. My favorite tool is simply, the led pencil and a good piece of paper. However i enjoy creating the occasional painting as well.

In recent times i have started drawing digitally with a wacom tablet in photoshop, it feels more like painting than drawing really but i wont go into detail about the differences now.

I am also an IT consultant, anything tech and software related is of interest. I have spent six years working in the offshore industry as one, three of which i worked as a software tester in a research and development environment.

Over the years i have had the pleasure of meeting people from over fifty different nations and walks of life, there always seems to be something new to learn from an individual.

Most of my early life i spent abroad travelling and moving around with my family.

Three years of secondary school was spent in Aberdeen, Scotland.I know some day i am going back to visit the highlands and the cliffs of bonnie Scotland.

  • Graphical Design:

Today i began my first day as a graphical design (web)student. It is along time ago since i decided i wanted to further myself in this direction, I have always wanted to be an illustrator of some sort, and this is the beginning of my (official) journey.

Previously i have attended a one-year boarding school, focusing on art studies as well as a year studying art in upper secondary school, however due to my family moving around alot, i had to switch majors to business administration and general studies.I then attended Næringsakademiet and became an IT Consultant. Now i have decided to commit myself to art and graphical design studies at Noroff and focus on making it, doing something i want for a living.

I look forward to learning about the industry and the inner workings of how being a graphical designer is like.

  • Keeping a journal:

The main purpose of this blog is keeping a reflected journal on how i work on my assignments.
Imagery and journal entries will contain forethoughts and my process, as well as my reflections on what i currently work on and what i have processed the past week.

It is also a good way for me and others to see my progression, as well as using it for future refference.

  • Feedback:

Feel free to leave comments and feedback, personal thoughts and even criticism. I will appreciate it,
Other ways of getting in contact and following me will get updated in the [about] tab.

Otherwise you can drop me a mail at:

Thank you for reading, commenting and following.  –J

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