Mandatory Assignment 00 – Work Methods

Mandatory Assignments



I started my week with familiarizing myself with wordpress again, i have dabbled alittle with it at an earlier time so it did not take too long to figure out what i needed to get started. I am not really sure about the theme of my blog/journal, so im going to spend some time figuring it out at a later stage, for now this will do.

The hardest part about this week for me has been writing an introduction about myself, i realised i dont really like to write about myself that much (I am still working on the About tab of this journal). However writing about my tasks and creating the lists for the mandatory assignment has been going well enough.

I have also dived into the work schedule and figured out the deadlines and handouts of the next 2 semesters.
Every now and then i checked out the class list and subscribed to all my fellow students blogs when they published their wordpress link.

Moodle Map:

I spent some time getting to know the webstudent platform called Moodle.
We were assigned to create a map of the different sections of the platform.

I started by simply jotting down all the information i could find through out all the  different categories.Information bulk moodle map

I then cross checked the information  and noted re-occurring places and links within moodle, figuring out all the “intersections”, and points of interest.After that i cleaned up and moved the info around on a new page to get a feel for what would look decent.

moodle map design simplifiedI then pondered how to give the map some Flare and a bit more style. My initial thought was of drawing a face in the map connecting all the critical places. I decided against it deeming it to be over elaborant, for the task at hand, and decided to focus more on the whole map aspect of the task.

In the end i turned it into a calligraphy study, i googled some calligraphy alfabets but did not end up using any of the style refferences, as i wanted to give it a more personal look.I also stuck with my regular lead pencil for this one.
If i am going to do this again in some form i would probably use ink and get my hands on some proper caligraphy tools.

GD1 Moodle map

Finally i wondered what to put in the bottom left corner to fill things out. I considered something called a “flourish” in caligraphy terms but i did not like the look of it, it did not improve the assignment in any way. After some contemplation i ended up drawing out a small compass insted and thought it fitted the assignment alot better.

Thank you for reading, Feel free to comment and critique, i will appreciate it.
Have a good week.

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