Learning Activity – Sketching Techniques.

Learning Activities
This week we were assigned to do an illustration for something called “Loose Juice”.
I did some sketches/scamps and picked my favored ideas from them, then continued working on it in Adobe Illustrator.
This is the first time i have worked with vector graphics and software so it was interesting to learn something about it.
I know my way around Photoshop so i picked up the shortcuts/hotkeys fast and started working fluidly in “AI” after some tinkering around.I also did a search on “Loose Juice” and found this on Urban Dictionary.TOP DEFINITION

When referring to all alcohol.
“How much loose juice do you have for the party?” 
“Past the loose juice” 
“Your tern to get the loose juice” 
“Man have a thirst for loose juice” 
“We’re out of loose juice” 
“Where are we going to get loose juice at this hour?”Here are some of the sketches i did, i ended up dropping the whole alkohol side of things but found it amusing none the less.Scan0001 Scan0002 Scan0003 Scan0004

After some tinering around in illustrator i found some shapes i liked and managed to represent what i wanted.

Loose Juice Logo

Thanks for reading,  J

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