Learning Activity – Delving Deeper Into the History of Photography.

Learning Activities

The Daguerreotype :

The Daguerreotype process was where it all started in relation with modern photography. Invented by Louis-Jaques-Mandé Daguerre and introduced worldwide in 1839.Viewing a daguerreotype is unlike looking at any other type of photograph. The image does not sit on the surface of the metal, but appears to be floating in space.
The process involves a polished sheet of silver-plated copper to a mirror finish, treating it with fumes that make the surface sensitive to light. it was exposed in a camera for as long as was deemed necessary , wich could be as little as a few seconds for something that was brightly lit by the sun, however much longer with less lighting.


Daguerreotype of Louis Daguerre in 1844 by Jean-Baptiste Sabatier-Blot

The Tintype :

The tintype were the most popular around 1860s – 1870s.Tintypes were usually made in a formal photographic studio like the daguerreotypes and other early styles of photography, later they were most commonly made by photographers working in booths or at fairs and carnivals, as well ass by what became the first street photgraphers (sidewalk photographers). A tintype could be developed and fixed, then handed to a customer only a few minutes after the photo was taken.

BeaverCoatsA late 1800’s tintype of two young men
wearing beaver coats.

Esquire magazine published 31 portraits of attending actors at the sundance film festival, using the tintype way of photography. The photographer, Victoria Will, won an award for this photo series.

The Carbon Print :

The carbon print is an image that consists of pigmented gelatin, rather than silver and other metallic particles. its is the first kind of popularized photography that had pigments and colours.they also lasted longer, as the earlier styles of photography tended to have fading photos after just a few years.The process can produce images of very high quality which are exceptionally resistant to fading and other deterioration.It was developed in the mid 19th century in response to concerns about the fading of earlier types of silver-based prints.


Thomas Annan — Probably a Glascow street scene c. 1868.1877

I was also assigned to write and research for a practical assignment. Here is a link to the PDF as well as some links to the inspiration and sources used for this written assignment.

Written Assignment : George H.Ray
Inspiration : Vintage Mugshots from the 1920`s
Source : 35 historical mug shots with astonishing stories.

Thank you for reading.  – J

Learning Activity – Colour

Learning Activities

Research and written assignment.

1 – Having Watched the video with Nigel French (www.Lynda.com) – describe , in your own words, what each of these colour systems means: RGB and CMYK.

The main differences between RGB and CMYK is this in a nutshell:
RGB: good for monitors and screens and displays. web design etc.
CMYK: this is best used for books and print jobs etc, anything printed on paper should use this spectrum of colours.

Printing with ink means we are limited to the colours a printer can produce, meaning the light etc you see in images on screen seems flat on paper.  this is why we use CMYK for imagery we are intending to print as this catches the colours best on paper and relates directly to the way a printer uses ink.

RGB has three channels: Red, Green and Blue.
CMYK has four channels: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black.

RGB is an additive colour system, the more colour is added, the brighter the image, going from black to white.

CMYK is a subtractive colour system, meaning it goes from white to black when adding colour.

2 – Make use of Kuler (https://color.adobe.com/) and develop four different colour schemes. You must hand in screen shots of your schemes as done with kuler.





Analogous Triadic ComplementaryMonochromatic

Practical assignment – 1.

Use a colour photo of your choice and create the following colour effects (as per Nigel French`s video) – you should hand in four separate works of the same photo with the following effects:

a. Create an “Andy Warhol” look
b. Apply a sepia look
c. Split toning of the image
d. Freestyle: a colour effect of your choice

Model name/links :
Name:: Jaime Boettger
AKA:: Luna Le Fey
Age:: 25

This is the original image i decided to use in this assignment.

-Tumblr: http://www.tentacles-and-stardust.tumblr.com
– Instagram: Tentaclesandstardust
– Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/lunalefeymodel
– Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/lunalefey

Warhol Sepia split tone freestyle

Practical Assignment – 2.

Design a book cover for one of the following.

a. “To the Lighthouse” by Virginia Wolf: use complementary colours to express anguish and uncertainty.

b. “The Maiden`s Tale” by Margaret Atwood: use analogous colours with a contrasting accent to express disagreement and discontent.

c. “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupery: use secondary colours to express naivety, honesty and harmony.

The book cover must contain the title and the author`s name.
You must clearly make use of colour to express the desired effects.


I decided to do some painting in photoshop for this one using a set of complementary colours i made in Adobe Kuler. I  restricted myself to the five colours throughout the whole process and this is the result. Below i have added the color swatch i based the illustration on.

lighthouse Complementary
Thank you for reading.

Learning Activity – Expressing Meaning.

Learning Activities


Choose two words from the list below:


Also, create a “new” word, which has no dictionary definition, and a meaning that only you know. For example, the word I came up with is “roleean”, it doesn’t appear in the dictionary, but it means, “round and leaning to the left”. You should decide on your own “word” with its own meaning. My typographic treatment of the word “roleean” might involve emphasising/dramatically enlarging the letter “o” within the word, and using italics to have that letter leaning to the side.

The words i choose were “Disruption” and “Compression”. The word i made up were “Boorl” more on the meaning of this word later in this post.



Create three different compositions for your three words, one word per composition. In each, arrange each word to express its meaning, using either colour or black and white. Consider all and any means at your disposal: dramatic scale contrasts, cutting, repetition, letter spacing, etc.

You will have to supply all your preliminary sketches and ideas along with the final layouts – the process of drawing by hand is important.
Expressing Meaning Sketch 1Expressing Meaning Sketch 2

The word i created was “Boorl”.It came to mind while i was talking to a friend working at a bar, at the time there were little to no customers, he said he was so bored he could drool all over the counter just to have something to wipe up. Hence “Boorl”,”Boorled” and “Boorling” came to be.

BoorlThank tou for reading.


Mandatory Assignment 02 – Logo.

Mandatory Assignments

Delight CMYK

A new chocolate brand is trying to enter the market and you are asked to design a logo representing the brand.

Points of importance:
– Brand name is ”Delight”.
– Simple and recognizable.
– Timeless and no more than 2-3 colours.
– Should contain a symbol and a title.
Choosen target group : Women in their 30s.

Delight notes_sketch 1 Delight notes_sketch 2Emphasizing on keywords for the assignment, my findings were of both the health benefits of chocolate as well as the design of most franchises around the world. I learned that chocolate contains Anandamide, this name is taken from the sanskrit word ananda, meaning joy, bliss and delight. I also learned that chocolate may have a slimming effect, kind of like black coffee, however, i believe this is only true for dark cholcolate.Other health benefits are that it prohibits cancer, heart disease (suffering from a broken heart anyone?) it also helps against anxiety.

Worldwide competitors:
– Mars Inc – US
– Meiji Co Ltd – Japan
– August Storck Kg – Germany

National/Scandinavian competitors:
– Freia AS – Norway
– Marabou – Sweden

Marabou is Freia in sweden, they were merged in 1990 and and they are the main producers of chockolate in Scandinavia.

Delight Sketch board

Analysis: I decided to focus heavily on a classic and simplistic look in the end. I started with drawing a very elaborate D in an artistic caligraphy style. I knew this was a bit too much but i wanted to see what came out of it.I played around with it and rather liked the bird that appeared in the lines. I then decided to further this thought and ended up with a swallow as the icon for this logo design.

Process/Progression Table:

Progression table

Stylewise i went with a scriptsyle font to get the classical feel, i decided upon using Grafolita Script. The capital d in Delight is hand drawn to give the type a flowing and a more personal style. My sketches were very raw compared to what i usually produce, however they served the purpose as i wanted some freedom in experimenting with the logo in Adobe Illustrator.Icon: The swallow is also freehanded in this case, i tried a few alternatives as shown in this artboard/progression board. This bird has alot of symbolism attached to it.favored by sailors as seeing swallows was a sign that their travels were nearing an end. These birds never traveled far out to sea, their sighting meant that land was near and the long voyage was coming to an end.

Delight Grayscale

Thank you for reading.


Learning Activity – Understanding Ideals.

Learning Activities

DSC_0004 DSC_0005 DSC_0008 DSC_0009

I decided to visit the computer section of a local Elkjøp store. As an IT-consultant i found it interesting how they displayed the computers according to brands. The store has several rows of HP and Lenovo computers, however, the Apple section is displayed in a completely different manner, and this is what i want to analyse for this assignment.

As mentioned, the three logos most present and displayed are Hewlet-Packard (reffered to as HP later in this post), Lenovo and Apple. For this assignment i will be focusing most on the Apple part of the store, as it is displayed almost like its own store, withing the store.

A – What Brand identity are they using in their logo (e.g. abstract mark or word mark)?.
Lenovo computers are all displayed with a word mark logo and style. The HP computers are displayed with a letterform mark, the Apple computers are displayed with an abstract mark. So here we have 3 kinds of logos present, all representing a major computer company.

B – What do you think their brand ideal is ?.
HP make solutions for businesses of any size as well as for the individual. their ideal is quite generalized and therefore the solutions they display are laptops and computers from any range. some are built for gamers (all of which are stationary builds with one or two exceptions).

Lenovo specialize in computers and laptops for small and large businesses, their ideal is focused on the office space and the business person, this is evident in both the look of their builds and the hardware in their solutions. Lenovo was the world’s largest personal computer vendor by unit sales, with the exception of tablet computers and pads.

Apple in this case have a completely different way of displaying their products. The focus is the users experience and a design that apeals to the individual, be it creatives or someone looking to have solutions that suits their own needs.It is more focused on the individual.

C – How do they remain true to their brand ideal within their shops?.
Apple was really the only section that stayed true to their brand ideal in this case, the technology was displayed on an elevated floor and the items were not cluttered together like the other displays. It stayed true to the ideal they have of simplicity and had good usage of what i would call negative space, this made sure you noticed Apple`s stuff before the other computers, despite the amount of hardware the other companies had in the shop.

D – Evaluate the customer experience according to the brand ideal.
In this evaluation Lenovo sadly came out as the loser, Creating something visually un-apealing and displayed in something that looked like the rows of an office space, the Lenovo computers looked uninspired and utterly boring. Something which may be good in an office space but not for sales.
The HP computers, tho displayed in almost the same style of rows as the Lenovo PC`s, were at the very least varied in appearance, making it more interesting to actually check out the specs and pricing of the laptops and the stationary PC`s.
Apple, decidedly, had the most inviting customer experience in the shop. Using good spacing between the products, you could focus on each individual item. There was alot less items in their display section, however, you were willing to spend more time checking out each item.

E – Evaluate the visual display of the products according to the brand ideal.
The only display worth mentioning in comparison between the three was Apple. Lenovo and HP had rows upon rows of computers and laptops. Apples display was elevated and simplistic, following the company ideals nicely. The display gave a sence of being there for you, the consumer, and not everyone else in the shop.

In conclusion it was interesting to see how company ideals are displayed in different shops, as a designer i will keep this in mind when i visit retailers in the future.

Thank you for reading.


Learning Activity – Understanding positioning.

Learning Activities

1 – This week we are asked to look at the following logos and explain in my own words what i consider their positioning to be.

Coca Cola : The well known Spencerian script of the Coca Cola logo invokes a feeling of familiarity in people from all corners of the world. It targets everyone from all walks of life, if you have been thirsty, chances are you have craved a coke.Over the years they have emphasized that sharing is caring. To take a break from it all, the importance of the moment you are in and to take in the vistas of life. prepherably with someone, be it befriending an unknown person in need of a drink or with family members during holidays.

Coca-ColaIn 2001, Coca-Cola launched the Life tastes good campaign, with the white Coca-Cola wordmark inside the red “splash”.
Image source : Logopedia – Coca-cola

Volkswagen : Having spent countless hours in one of their cars, i know first hand what german quality means when it comes to cars. It is safe, comfortable and durable. It is also affordable, i still havent driven another car that gets as far as a vw on one tank of fuel. It also offers more room than most cars of a similar size. Despite all of theese family oriented perks, it is also fun to drive.You can drive grandma to the store and then blast of like a gocart after she is safely home. Words like Repctable, quality, fun, safe and agile come to mind when i see the VW logo.

Image source : Zero to 60 times

Visa : It is everywhere, most of us are hardly a meter away from this logo at any given time.Being a global solution for payment they rely on stability and security as well as availability.It was launched in the United States, by Bank of America.It later got licenced in United Kingdom, France and Canada under different names. In 1977 all licences got united under the name Visa.The logo has undergone small changes over the years but it still is true to the BankAmericard visuals from 1958 and invokes familiarity in anyone using a card or terminal offering Visas services.

Image source : Datatrans

2 – Look at the logo on the Apple Iphone. by doing my own research, i am to investigate the history of the product and Apple as a company.I am to give an outline, in my own words, of what i consider the following to be:

  • Describe its brand identity – exactly as i you see it.
  • What do you think it`s positioning is currently?.
  • What do you think the strategy for this product was?.
  • What research do you think was done on this by the company who made it?.

Brand identity : What apple considers their identity to be, is all in all, design and focus on the user experience.They have taken upon themselves to make everyday life for its users easier and simple.

Apples current positioning : World domination, Business insider ranked Apple as the most valuable brand in the world. Number two and three was Google and Coca-Cola.

Strategy for the Iphone : The Iphone was not the first smartphone with touch capabilities, however by improving the user experience compared to other touch phones at the time they launched, they created something that everyone wanted, a better user experience with their device.

Research : They focused on developing software for the phone.They needed it to be better than what the competition offered at the time, to be able to compete in a large market offering alot of devices. In this they succeeded. By creating software able to take over the market for some time and leaving most other companies struggling with bad software in comparison. This forced other companies to improve their own software development to cover the needs, needs the consumer today have come to expect from any phone.

Image source : Forbes

3 – Using the same product (the Iphone), i am to explain, in my own words, how the visual element fits with the brand identity (In this case the logo).

Over the years the Apple logo has undergone extensive changes, however the main element since the beginning has been focused on an apple.The first logo was an illustration of newton sitting under a apple tree.

Image sourche : Logopedia

This logo was designed by Ronald Wayne.

The logo as we know it today is allot more simplistic. Even though the apple as we know it, stays the same for the most part, small changes are made depending on the visuals of the GUI they use, Apple dropped the skeuomorphic look with iOS 7 in 2013, and therefore changed the look of the logo.This beckons the question wether or not they will change it in the future based on the visuals in the products they are selling, they probably will.

In relation to the product we are focusing on, the Iphone, the logo has also changed depending on models and colours. Despite this, the main elements/principles that represents apple on the phone stays the same, the apple is present, it is presented in a very simplistic yet effective way, some would even call it elegant. It reflects good design, wich has come to be a staple for Apple as a company. The design decisions is present, not only the Iphone, but the whole range of their products.

Image Source : Logopedia

Personally i am not what one would call an apple fan, however the decisions they have made over the years are good design decisions. They continue the massively popular line of phones sticking to the same principles of design, focusing on the user experience, making everything easy and simplistic.

thank you for reading