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I decided to visit the computer section of a local Elkjøp store. As an IT-consultant i found it interesting how they displayed the computers according to brands. The store has several rows of HP and Lenovo computers, however, the Apple section is displayed in a completely different manner, and this is what i want to analyse for this assignment.

As mentioned, the three logos most present and displayed are Hewlet-Packard (reffered to as HP later in this post), Lenovo and Apple. For this assignment i will be focusing most on the Apple part of the store, as it is displayed almost like its own store, withing the store.

A – What Brand identity are they using in their logo (e.g. abstract mark or word mark)?.
Lenovo computers are all displayed with a word mark logo and style. The HP computers are displayed with a letterform mark, the Apple computers are displayed with an abstract mark. So here we have 3 kinds of logos present, all representing a major computer company.

B – What do you think their brand ideal is ?.
HP make solutions for businesses of any size as well as for the individual. their ideal is quite generalized and therefore the solutions they display are laptops and computers from any range. some are built for gamers (all of which are stationary builds with one or two exceptions).

Lenovo specialize in computers and laptops for small and large businesses, their ideal is focused on the office space and the business person, this is evident in both the look of their builds and the hardware in their solutions. Lenovo was the world’s largest personal computer vendor by unit sales, with the exception of tablet computers and pads.

Apple in this case have a completely different way of displaying their products. The focus is the users experience and a design that apeals to the individual, be it creatives or someone looking to have solutions that suits their own needs.It is more focused on the individual.

C – How do they remain true to their brand ideal within their shops?.
Apple was really the only section that stayed true to their brand ideal in this case, the technology was displayed on an elevated floor and the items were not cluttered together like the other displays. It stayed true to the ideal they have of simplicity and had good usage of what i would call negative space, this made sure you noticed Apple`s stuff before the other computers, despite the amount of hardware the other companies had in the shop.

D – Evaluate the customer experience according to the brand ideal.
In this evaluation Lenovo sadly came out as the loser, Creating something visually un-apealing and displayed in something that looked like the rows of an office space, the Lenovo computers looked uninspired and utterly boring. Something which may be good in an office space but not for sales.
The HP computers, tho displayed in almost the same style of rows as the Lenovo PC`s, were at the very least varied in appearance, making it more interesting to actually check out the specs and pricing of the laptops and the stationary PC`s.
Apple, decidedly, had the most inviting customer experience in the shop. Using good spacing between the products, you could focus on each individual item. There was alot less items in their display section, however, you were willing to spend more time checking out each item.

E – Evaluate the visual display of the products according to the brand ideal.
The only display worth mentioning in comparison between the three was Apple. Lenovo and HP had rows upon rows of computers and laptops. Apples display was elevated and simplistic, following the company ideals nicely. The display gave a sence of being there for you, the consumer, and not everyone else in the shop.

In conclusion it was interesting to see how company ideals are displayed in different shops, as a designer i will keep this in mind when i visit retailers in the future.

Thank you for reading.


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