Mandatory Assignment 02 – Logo.

Mandatory Assignments

Delight CMYK

A new chocolate brand is trying to enter the market and you are asked to design a logo representing the brand.

Points of importance:
– Brand name is ”Delight”.
– Simple and recognizable.
– Timeless and no more than 2-3 colours.
– Should contain a symbol and a title.
Choosen target group : Women in their 30s.

Delight notes_sketch 1 Delight notes_sketch 2Emphasizing on keywords for the assignment, my findings were of both the health benefits of chocolate as well as the design of most franchises around the world. I learned that chocolate contains Anandamide, this name is taken from the sanskrit word ananda, meaning joy, bliss and delight. I also learned that chocolate may have a slimming effect, kind of like black coffee, however, i believe this is only true for dark cholcolate.Other health benefits are that it prohibits cancer, heart disease (suffering from a broken heart anyone?) it also helps against anxiety.

Worldwide competitors:
– Mars Inc – US
– Meiji Co Ltd – Japan
– August Storck Kg – Germany

National/Scandinavian competitors:
– Freia AS – Norway
– Marabou – Sweden

Marabou is Freia in sweden, they were merged in 1990 and and they are the main producers of chockolate in Scandinavia.

Delight Sketch board

Analysis: I decided to focus heavily on a classic and simplistic look in the end. I started with drawing a very elaborate D in an artistic caligraphy style. I knew this was a bit too much but i wanted to see what came out of it.I played around with it and rather liked the bird that appeared in the lines. I then decided to further this thought and ended up with a swallow as the icon for this logo design.

Process/Progression Table:

Progression table

Stylewise i went with a scriptsyle font to get the classical feel, i decided upon using Grafolita Script. The capital d in Delight is hand drawn to give the type a flowing and a more personal style. My sketches were very raw compared to what i usually produce, however they served the purpose as i wanted some freedom in experimenting with the logo in Adobe Illustrator.Icon: The swallow is also freehanded in this case, i tried a few alternatives as shown in this artboard/progression board. This bird has alot of symbolism attached to it.favored by sailors as seeing swallows was a sign that their travels were nearing an end. These birds never traveled far out to sea, their sighting meant that land was near and the long voyage was coming to an end.

Delight Grayscale

Thank you for reading.


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