Mandatory Assignment 04 – Layout

Mandatory Assignments

The art of boiling water  —>  GRA_Assignment_04_Layout.
(This version have no pagination unlike my delivered version).

Front page

Introduction :
”The art of boiling water” is a fictional cookbook. You are to design the layout of this book and show examples of how the pages should look. In the book, you will use one serif font and one sans serif font.
The page format is 200 millimetres wide by 260 milimetres high with a 3 milimetre bleed.  Pagination.

Research and work :
My main tip for this project i procured from an actual chef that works at the Brittania hotel in Trondheim.
I was told the most important thing for a cookbook to be useful, and often seprates a good book from a bad book, is the fact that the information should be gathered on one spread. A cook does not want to change pages for the info he needs while he is cooking. If a cook has to change pages while he is cooking a recipe, he will likely  trash the book rather than put it to use.

The cookbook i took the most inspiration from was ”The Flying Culinary Circus” as this book is more or less a work of art wich i find truly enjoyable. If i were to aspire too create a whole cookbook this would be the staple i would aim for. The main thing i drew from the book into this project was the use of imaging, having an entire page focus on the imagery and composition of the food.

Design options/decisions :
I ended up changing the layout from the way i sketched out the book, my main reason for this was that i wanted to keep the quality of the imagery as sharp and ”good looking” as possible. Despite drafting out 2 sets of

My easiest design decision in the process of creating this ”book” was the choice of type, Calluna and Calluna sans, as i have seen this type on a menu at a local sushi restaurant. I really liked reading the menu and recalled the type the instant i saw it. I feel it brings the message/recipe forward in an easy to read easy to use style. It also ads to the visuals in the imagery by not being over the top as many menus type might be.

I also added a slim border that fades to all the pages and sections to bring the book together with something visual yet minimal. Even though the cover page is dark due to the imagery, this border is stil present by the title and then throughout the rest of the book.

I also made the Ingredients list pop out alittle more by making the text 14 pt while the description/how to portion is 12 pt. I did this as the Ingredients portion is usually the part you most often do a double take on while cooking or creating a shopping list.

Self-evaluation :
I focused most of my energy into making the book simplistic and practical to use in the kitchen, in retrospect i would have liked to bring alittle more ”fun and flare” to the book. however in the end i wanted to stay true to the information and imagery provided. I spent a good amount of time playing around with the textboxes, making printouts to see  how it reads etc. I might have done something more creative with this, but i could not quite  figure it out as the end result became a bit bland in my opinion.

Sketch :


Thank you for reading.

– J.

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