Project exam – 1st Semester – GRAP

Portfolios / Exams

Project Description : Pier Offshore Management Services.

poms examen
About POMS:

Pier Offshore Management Services/POMS is a company specialising in managing and operating drilling units around the world.The services are offered to startups and new owners in the offshore industry,as well as to companies looking to improve performance and quality on running their projects. Quality, safety and experience are key components.

Operational management, business development, marketing and contract management are some of the services offered. The core focus of this company is the human resource and the combined experience of  specialists in the industry. By recruiting and offering the services of the right people for the job, In management, IT , or qualified offshore and shipping personnel. The right human element in all tiers are key.


Being a Norwegian based company with a strong history and roots in the early era of the industry, starting in the north sea, they are looking to reflect this in a new logo. Strong, visionary and resolute. In our initial meeting, I was told, they want to go with a nordic/norse style for the new logo, however they are open to any and all suggestions that may appear in the conceptual stage and are willing to let the designer explore other relevant styles as well.

Target Group:

The target groups of the company are companies and individuals looking to hire professionals within the offshore industry, as well as professionals looking to work for or with the best in the industry. They want to attract the relevant people for the job as well as clients needing the services the company can offer.

Their client base consists of  large and small companies all over the world from many different business cultures and venues, working world wide with projects  and negotiating within shipping and in particular rig and offshore management on an international level.

Choice of client:

My reasoning for accepting this clients assignment for my exam is that I find it to be a good fit, both for me and the client. I know the client well and understand what they are looking for, I also find it to be a suitable real world challenge to give the exam some weight. It will also be a good addition to my portfolio. The client is also familiar with my work and trusts me to deliver the desired look, feel and vision they are looking for in a new logo.

Problem solving/issues:

A bi-weekly meeting have been decided upon during the process to reassess and raise issues and questions during the development of the logo as well as deciding on the look of the products ie: brochure, business cards and stationary etc. This in addition to contact through mail and phone if needed during the work week.


Logo – This is the main assignment and the most important item for the client, the old logo is no longer relevant and they are in need of a new one to represent their history and ideals.
The new design will be delivered in CMYK, RGB and in Black/white along with a style guide.

Business card – They want a new design for their business cards with the new logo and style.

Stationary – The client wants a stationary including envelopes, cut paper and writing implements.

Brochure – Representing the company interests, feats and prospects consisting of 4-6 pages.


The style of the assignment has been discussed in our preliminary meeting. The client wishes a nordic/norse style for their new logo, however as previously expressed they are open to any and all ideas developed after/during the conceptual stage.The designer is granted freedom to explore relevant ideas and is not bound by any specific style or expression in the early stages of development.

end result

Brochure POMS
business card
Stationary envelope
Stationary paper
Style Guide POMS
Thank you for reading.
Sources, references and stash.
Norse Font :

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