Mandatory Assignment 01 – Photography.

Mandatory Assignments


I have dived into photography quite deeply this semester. In this i have found a completely new hobby to obsess over.I always bring my camera with me now, sometimes even when i am just headed for the shop.

As is apparent in alot of my photos, i have taken a liking to night photography and fokus alot on this.None of thes images have been cropped or post edited at all with the exception of one or two Black and white images.



River bed – F stop = 32.0, Shutter = 26.0, ISO = 100.
This is probably what i would consider my first “lucky shot”.



Sverresborg archer – F stop = 5.6, Shutter = 1/100, ISO = 400.
The photo itself is a bit under exposed, however i was pleased with the depth of it.The composition is also good.




Old sea shack – F stop = 5.6, shutter  = 1/5 , ISO = 100.
I have a pretty good seconhand lens i used to zoom alittle closer to the shack here. i stood about 50-70 meters away. the image was taken a few minutes before a rainstorm rolled in.

Big dipper in aurora borealis – F stop = 8.0, shutter = 30.0, ISO = 400.
This image is from the second time i was out taking photos of the northern lighst in my area. The composition with the dipper and the trees were intentional.Lighting however in this image turned out partikularly well.

Thank you for reading.

– J

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