Learning Activity – Get the Basics Right.

Learning Activities

Part one

  1. Explain the following terms in your own words:
    • The Internet
    • HTML
    • Browser
    • Search engine
  2. Please research and add another 10 questions to the briefing process.(See the lesson.)
  3. From this list of 20 questions (your 10 added to my 10), please create the ultimate list of 10 questions that you would use for clients.
  4. Please upload this activity to your WordPress blog.

The Internet:
The internet is structured through several servers and computers that are connected through a vast network of connections and wired links, thereby creating something vast, it looks like a large web in some ways. This is why we call it the world wide web.
On all those servers are a large amount of information, some of wich are displayed as websites with their corresponding services.

The basis of those websites are code of different types, languages and uses. The most basic and used one would be HTML. it is code structured to display information, text and imagery, even embed movies in a structured way. You can also use HTML in emails and word documents to make the information you are displaying look better and more professional.

The information you look up on the internet is usually sifted through and found through using a browser. there are alot of browsers available depending on what OS you are using as well as a plethora of choices, with even some specialized browser solutions out there. A few of the most used one are as follows :
Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Tor, and Microsoft Edge (This is microsofts replacement of IE-Internet Explorer).

Search engine:
A search engine is a different beast altogether in comparison with your browser. A search engine is usually defined by a provider as a service like Yahoo, bing and of course Google. They have accumulated a large database of keywords by using what is called a “Spider” to fetch keywords and information on websites and thereby storing this in a data center or centers around the globe. these centers then indexes and stores the links to the web sites containing the keywords found by the “spider”

I wrote some kode quite fast and picked it up quickly based on the lynda instructions.

So basicaly, this is code written in mainly HTML, with some CSS styling and some javascripting.



Briefiing Process :

  1. What kind of visitors are you expecting on your website?
  2. Who are your competitors and how do you differ from them?
  3. What actions do you want visitors to take on the site?
  4. What is your deadline for completing the site? How big is the budget?
  5. What features should be used on your website?
  6. Please list the names of three sites that you like and explain what you like about them.
  7. Do you have any colour preferences? What should the look and feel for the website be?
  8. Who will be the contact person for this project?
  9. What do you NOT want on your site in terms of text, content, colour and graphic elements?
  10. Who will be responsible for maintaining the website? Will the person have the time and skills to do so?

My 10 questions

  1. What is the purpose of the site?.
  2. What is the focus of the site?.
  3. What should be linked and connected to the site? (Social media etc).
  4. How often will it be updated with information (text and or blogging).
  5. do you wish any cultural styles or other  influences on the design?.
  6. What kind of information will be displayed?.
  7. Do you need it to be multiplatform friendly, pads, phones etc?.
  8. do you want any extensions or modules/functions and advanced features implemented on the site ?
  9. What is the look of the business/endavour you want represented on the wb site.
  10. Do you foresee any major changes in style, look or use of the site in the future?

Part two

Surf the web and find 10 sites you would consider to be great websites. Simultaneously, make a list of 10 sites you consider bad web sites. Remember to describe why you would define them as such. Upload your lists on your blog.

Good Websites:

-Great way to display a large amount of text and information.

-This is an artists community, ironically artists usually make bad websites, this however is clean and nicely done.

-A nice frontpage for a search engine, you cant go wrong even if you try.
There is however alot more going on under the hood of this one.

-A news outlet for koders, just pure information and links.

A learning and information site containing “Talks” and ideaology based content.

-A service providing its users with the ability to upload and listen to music and share it.

-A language learning web site.

-A self learning/teaching site for everyone.

-A movies and series database and information center.
Bad Websites:.
It is easy enough to manouver around but the entire experience feels cluttered.

Simple website, however a large subscribe banner pops up and take over the entirety of the websites space. Despite using adblock, too many sites do this. i might ha

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