Learning Activity – Composition.

Learning Activities

Take a series of photographs, each photograph must focus on one of the following:

  • Pattern
  • Symmetry
  • Texture
  • Depth of field
  • Lines
  • Framing
  • Perspective
  • Space
  • Balance
  • Colour

Submit your ten best photographs.




Pattern : I chose this image for pattern as the pattern in the stones of the tunnel gives the image depth.300815_1899



Lines : The lines in the fireld of this shot are useful to get the eyes moving around the image. Along with the fog.DSC_3853



Texture : I chose this image for texture as stone generally have alot of interesting textures, along with the river/water as a contrast to the stone.DSC_3154



Framing : I framed this shot with the rule of thirds in mind (as i generally do with all photo shoots). This weather station on the coast was an interesting to me as it was standing alone by the coast on an overcast and windy day.With some depth of field along with the lighting the image turned out quite interesting.   DSC_2507



Balance : I found this stone pillar by the river, someone had set it up to mark the rise and fall of the water running by.The stone balancing on top, along with some space with the river made for a well balanced portrait of the vertical pillar.DSC_3206



Colour : The colour of the flishing rod’s line stood out and contrasted well with the dark water and wood of the boat.DSC_3219



Perspective : I chose this image for perspective, because of the lines in the boat and its structure, you can almost  se perspective lines tied to it from the horizon.031015_1546.jpg



Depth of field : The bushes in the background of this image are quite blurred out (Boke), this ensures the focus of the image are the two birds perched on the fence. The trick here was to ensure the sparrows were both sharp and in focus in the photo.031015_1521.jpg



Space : Taking this photo i decided to take a few images in a portrait orientation to  gather the vastnes of the location rather than taking all landscape oriented images. A big sky and the mountains in tyhe background leaves alot of space but still amphasize the treeline in front with a white tailed eagle perched on a branch. I did get another with the bottom of the treeline in the image.



Symmetry : I chose this image for symmetry as both the White tailed eagle and the seagull were gliding and moving their wings with an unusual, almost strange synchronicity. despite the birds being quite different in size and species the symmetry of this was fascinating to me.DSC_3679



Thank you for reading and viewing.



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