Mandatory Assignment 00- Design Journey.

Mandatory Assignments
To start of the year you are asked to produce:

  1. Infographic
  2. Artists’ statement

Create a visualization of the entire Graphic Design course structure and add your own perspectives to create a infographic that reflects on your progression over the two previous semesters.

Your infographic will then help you in writing a short, and clear, artists’ statement.


For this activity your goal is to create a spacious, full-color, visualization of the Graphic Design course structure. The level of detail, and structure, is up to each student.
The point of creating this infographic is for you as a budding designer to reflect on you current skill level and where you want to be heading.
It is possible for you to use any type of tools to create this visualization – even 3D software.

The information graphic is the final draft of the image that you will present to the forum.

Artists’ Statement

Research other written artists’ statements where they are commonly used to complement and explain pieces of art. However you will be writing this statement about your creative identity and/or reflections about your future as a designer.

Bear in mind that your statement is to be no more then 400 letter. This means that it needs to be a highly reflected and concisely written text.


Infographic in PDF form :  GRA2_ FM2GD3111_Assignment00_ Design_Journey_ JohanTorhaug_22.08.2016.pdf

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