Learning Activity – Front Cover.

Learning Activities

Have a look at all the tasks and lessons you have done over the last few weeks. Your task now is to make a cover/a front page for your very own magazine.

  1. Go through the Graphic design history time line and choose a style and designer that you feel relates best to your personality, even has similar traits to you.
  2. Using that designer/style as inspiration, use your name or part of your name ( be creative) and create a title/name for your magazine
  3. Add your own pictures, text, illustrations, elements as well as the proper typography and titles for your cover.
  4. The expression must represent your personality. (Remember the color choice regarding this).
  5. Remember to include what kind of magazine it is, i.e.cars/bikes, fashion, design, weddings, etc.These are my cover designs for this week.My first design “Nordic Waters”, I tried working with the photo and its colors to get good readability. I drew visual inspiration from some hunting and fishing magazines. The image is my own photo taken earlier this year.

    However i ended up starting over again and designed “Vector Magazine”.

    The titles are a little more simplistic and contain less text. I think this resulted in a clearer message. I also felt this was more “me” style wise.
    The illustration in vector Magazine was illustrated specifically for the cover using Adobe illustrator.

    I decided naming the “Magazine” Vector as i was using vector art on the cover.My name is also Torhaug so vecTor is a nice coincidence.

    Nordic waters.png

    The Style era would be 1990 – 2005.

    The artist that inspired me for the illustration was Michael Turner.

    He was a comic book artist when i was young.He sadly passed away due to bone cancer. But his art style definitely has had a strong influence on me as a young artist, so much so it is almost on a subliminal level in allot of my work now.


    Vector Magazine.png

Thank you for reading.

– J


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