Mandatory Assignment 01 – Magazine Design

Mandatory Assignments
Brief About the project

A foreign publishing house has plans to publish a new magazine and has contacted you to do the project. They have an idea of what the magazine will be about and have finished articles. They just do not have any visual idea or strategy for the magazine itself. Your job is to come up with a concise strategy and visual concept that forms the basis of the magazine as well as the layout.

  • Customer brief
    Our magazine consists of world issue content. it outlines the biggest problems of our time as well as solutions. It also outlines a way forward with in-depth research and analysis, tools for citizen participation and stories about real people people working for a better world.
    Todays world is not ideal – climate change, financial collapse, poverty and war leave many people feeling overwhelmed and hopeless. Our magazine hopes to empower people with the vision and the tools to create a healthy planet with vibrant communitiesWe hope to do this by

    1. Reframing issues and having a vision for the future
    2. Giving a voice to the people who are in the hope of change
    3. Offering resources for people to use or pass on

    Our plan is to reach 150 000 readers and more every quarter. The magazine will be for sale in many bookstores, natural food stores and newsstands across the US and Canada
    These locations include small independent shops and co-ops as well as larger chain stores

    Advertising: Most magazines make their money from advertising but thats where we are different. We don’t want advertisers to influence the content of our magazine which means we are ad-free. We rely on tax deductible donations from our readers as well as foundation grants. Donations also fund our teachers, journalists, grassroots organisations, faith groups and policy makers. They will leverage the ideas in the magazine to inspire shifts at every level of society

    You need to produce the following
    • Brief visual strategy and concept (this can appear as a style board)
    • Name and logo
    • A grid and layout for the entire magazine
    • Front / Back
    • Table of Contents / colophon
    • Article Pages (select 6 of 8 the articles in the attachment
    • Title, by-line, introduction, subheadings, body text, captions, pagination,
    • Photography and illustration Physical dummy paper

Procedure Assignment process:

  • Start by looking at the downloaded files.
  • Research other books and magazines.
  • Apply idea development methods to find interesting ways to present the content.
  • Begin sketching on paper and refine them until you feel they are ready to be digitized.
  • Use Adobe Indesign for your layout.
  • Print out and test your ideas on fellow students via the forum.
  • We suggest you write your report continuously throughout the production process.


An additional challenge in this assignment is to acquire or produce photographs and illustrations. It is a well known issue for designers that customers often do not have enough visual material for a project. It is then up to the designer to find a creative solution. You are able to use relevant images from the web and image archives and credit where necessary. You are able to take new pictures and produce your own illustrations. The latter works well as you are able to give credit to the designer and you get a chance to show that you are able to work both with layout and photography as well as illustration.



I started by reading through the articles and thinking about the six articles i want to select for my magazine design. I then arranged them in the order i am hoping to present them.

1 Article 2 – Torturing Robots.

2 Article 6 – Herbs.

3 Article 5 – 80 Percent of power.

4 Article 4 – Staying human in Climate change.

5 Article 7 – Big City Living.

6 Article 8 – Animals and Urban life.

Already i have a mental image of what photos and illustrations i may need. I also think the assignment description gas made me subliminally think of the colour green.

I decided to create the front page and the back page last as i would like to see the contents of the magazine first to make creative decisions.

Also, in order to arrange imagery and illustrations i first arranged the article texts to find out how many pages and how much space was needed for each of the chosen articles. This way i would get a decent overview as a whole.

Naming and logo.. Urban Element… Urban Entity… Urban Being..




The Magazine in PDF form : Magazine Design.

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