Mandatory Assignment – 03 Product Advertising.

Mandatory Assignments

Together in T-Town, our favorite place to be.
Shopping and Dining

Poster in PDF format : Mandatory Assignment – 03 Product Advertising


Brief Using photography you are to create a street poster advertising Gågaten ( Pedestrian zone) The poster should promote the zone and reflect the important values it stands for. The poster should consist of a photo, slogan, logo and any other graphic elements you wish to add. It needs to be A2 format.

The aim of the exercise is to get to grips with photography and how to use your camera creatively as well as experiment with lighting. It is important to think about what works together to create the right atmosphere using model/view/ lighting etc.

Report :

Idea Development :
Thinking about what i wanted to capture with my camera for this assignment i knew i wanted pedestrians in my image to reflect the fact that it is a pedestrian zone. I also knew i wanted to give the image depth by taking advantage of some perspective, using something to give the image clear lines pointing to a vanishing point, ideally somewhere into a crowd. I also knew i wanted to have some trees in there to reflect the fact that autumn has come.

My biggest issue with all this is the fact that i wanted to use natural light, and it dissappears fast during autumn in Trondheim.This combined with the daily flow of pedestrtians varies during the day times and rush hours. This meant that i had to work fast while shooting, making sure i had both some light as well as pedestrians around. As this assignment was advertizing a place rather than a product i decided on calling the district “T-Town”. It is a nickname for Trondheim, and in fact alot of cities and towns with a name that starts with T.However, anyone living anywhere remotely close to Trondheim would know that T-town was a refference to this city, especially along with the right image.

Execution :
Having decided on theese points i grabbed my gear and went to town. I spent several hours of two seperate days with my camera walking around and shooting, looking for the right image perspective wise.
In the end i got the image i wanted. It was getting quite dark when i got the shot but the lights in the background as well as the very visible clothing of the red cross workers added to the atmosphere of the image giving it more depth.There were also the perfect amount of pedestrians, meaning i did not get anyone walking unknowingly in front of the shot.

Composition and Layout :
I experimented with both portrait and landscape modes for the poster. The image was taken in a landscape orientation but i decided on croping it for the poster and went with a portrait style. The flow of pedestrians and the benches by the side seems to lead the eye better in portrait for this image.

I also tried brightening the image alittle, however the colours seemed to dissapear making the image more flat so i opted against post processing in this case. The lighting on the benches and in the background also vanished when i brightened it, so i kept it like it was taken with the camera.All in all i am satisfied with how the image turned out as a nice evening shot.

Typography :
Despite the image being a bit dark it lends itself to let the typography “pop” alittle more. The logo “T” with town written across it is simple but effective in my opinion, i also like how the word town kind of splits the bigger T to ccreate a more interesting shape from a distance.

For the writing i used the typeface “Brush Script std”. Usually i would steer away from the handwritten style of fonts however in this case i think it ads to the feeling of autumn. Working on the slogan i first quoted “ Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured”. however it did not ad to the location or the poster the right way, trying to think up something more inviting i came up with the slogan “Together in T-Town, our favorite place to be”.

Target group :
The target group are people living around and in the outskirts of the city, people interested in shopping and hanging out with friends in the town centre.
It serves as a reminder that the town square and the shopping districts around town is the place to be, especially together with friends. In this one attempts to have people bring along friends to enjoy the city centre in the autumn colours together. With shopping and dining opportunities as well as events going on in the pedestrian zones.


Thank you for reading.

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