Mandatory Assignment 02 – Door to Door Organics.

Mandatory Assignments


  • Research the client, competition, drivers and barriers (Define the problem)
    Competition :
    After doing research i found that the main competition consists of four companies.Adams Matkasse :
    Godt Levert :
    Matkomfort :
    Veganermat : www.veganermat.noI also have first hand experience with one of the services. The one thing all of them have in common is that they ship pre structured dinners with a set recipe to follow along with the ingredients needed for that specific dinner.Meaning none of them ship individual items. This in turn means doing all your food shopping for the week is not possible. you get a sett choice between a few dinners and that is it. Considering one of the most asked questions in everyday life is “whats should we have for dinner ?” this effectively takes care of the issue. however, choice of items is limited.The upper hand Door to Door Organics would have in this case is delivery of specific items and more freedom of choice.This means it would be for the more advanced food crate consumer and family.People who know their way around a kitchen and consumers that are more interested in a solution for all meals and snacks during the week rather than just focusing on dinner.


  • Define the target group – create a consumer profileTarget group / Consumer profile :
    The first set of consumers that came to mind were chefs and serious food hobbyists.People that know how to structure and create their own food with recipes they already know, or have the knowledge to experiment with food to create their own meals from good ingredients alone.Another group of consumers that this solution would be ideal for are people looking for a door service that delivers items they know and need on a weekly basis. Consumers pre occupied with good ingredients and what food they consume. Customers looking for a healthy alternative to allot of the pre made foodstuffs sold in the general store.The main appeal with a door service like this is of course time saved going to the grocery store every other day. This would also be an interesting solution for people that are not necessarily equipped to go to the general store on a weekly basis. The elderly and physically challenged would see the benefits of a service like this.Another group that would appreciate a service like this are families raising kids and young children.The hasle of having to bring one or more kids through a store on any given day is something many would love to find relief from.Small and large families alike can appreciate spending time on learning and play instead of the nightmare (to some) that can be bored kids in a general store.
  • Analyse your findings and clarify the strategyFindings and Strategy :My findings during my analysis of the consumers and the product can be written up to these bullet points in short.
  • Time saved,better spent and managed (Save time, shop online).
  • Quality produce and organics for a better quality of life.
  • Less hasle getting to and from a store.
  • Freedom of choice in items and foods.
  • Shopping made easy.Figuring out the strategy when expanding the service to a new area is probably the most important, especially if there are competitors in the area.Running an effective campaign to get noticed is the first vital step. Appealing to the curiosity of something new in the area is the trick here.Creating a car wrap is a good step in this direction, the more deliveries the more exposure in the local community
    you will get.Developing touch points consumers can check out is also a good way to recruit new consumers.I really like the (hashtag) #joydelivered. This allows potential customers to look and get in touch with the community around the brand and helps them make a well informed decision and check out reviews when considering becoming customers of the service.Getting good reviews and recruiting this way demands staying on top of quality issues and ensuring satisfied customers of course.Ensuring the deliveries have that little extra the customers will enjoy and love with the product(s).
  • Idea developmentI was not quite sure where to start in the idea development phase so i began with colors just to get going with something ensuring i did not get stalled in my process.Looking and working with colors in Adobe Kuler focusing on the purples and greens as well as some of the orange tints, here are the main colors i decided upon. I wont use all of them however a pre defined selection is nice to have.Monochromatic set of colors :
    Complementary set of colors :complementary-door-to-door-organics
    Triad set of colors :
    triad-door-to-door-organicsAfter working with the logo sketches and designs i landed on these sets of colours and nuances.

    Monochromatic set of colors 2 :

    Nuanced sets of colors :



  • Sketching

    sketch line art.png

  • Logo
    O logo.pngLogo type.png
  • Visual identityI created a Logo / Decal to tag individual food groups as well.
    Yellow for a mixed box, Orange/red for meat, Blue for Seafood and green for vegetables and fruit.
  • Touchpoints: Packaging and car decoration (car wrap)box mockup yellow.pngcargo-van-mockup-1Cargo Van Mockup 2.png
  • Brand manual.
    Door to door Organics Brand Manual

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