Semester Project 2 – 3rd Semester : Festival.

Portfolios / Exams
The students will achieve knowledge regarding:

  • Methods regarding creative work and processes
  • Research and analysis
  • Composition and graphic design principles
  • Industry guidelines and field standards
  • Technical standards and production processes within graphic design
  • Techniques used in the industry.
  • Advanced techniques within image processing
  • Developing design oriented concepts
  • Innovative and creative solutions
  • Page layout
Theme 3 day festival
Tools Optional
Brief You are to promote the annual Urban Garden and Flower Festival. This three day festival will also include the name of your hometown, eg. “The Oslo Urban Garden and flower Festival”.

The festival will be about flowers and gardens for the city.
If you live in a rural area or in the countryside you will need to choose the nearest town for your festival location.

The following elements must be included in order to pass the project.

  • Logo
  • Brand manual
  • Touchpoints:
    • Poster
    • Program (you select the format and content)botanical design
    • Ticket bracelets
    • T-shirt
  • Report (use report template)
    • Must include research on competing festivals

You are free to choose other items in addition to the mandatory mentioned above to promote the festival.

Examples of posters: Epcot 1, Epcot 2, Thatcham, Zürich

  1. Research the client, competition, drivers and barriers (Define the problem)
  2. Define the target group – create a consumer profile
  3. Analyse your findings and clarify the strategy
  4. Idea development
  5. Sketching
  6. Logo
  7. Visual identity
  8. Touchpoints: poster, program, ticket bracelets and t-shirt.
  9. Brand manual

Defining the problem :
The Trondheim Urban Garden and Flower Festival, Svartlamon.

Location : Svartlamon.
Trondheim being the closest and larger urban center in my vicinity, the choice of location came down to where in the city the festival would be held. My research on this concluded that the most natural place where a flower festival could be held in the city would be Svartlamon. I decided to use a hashtag (#Svartlamon) to define where within the city of Trondheim the festival would be located.

Link :

Client Research :
Svartlamon in Trondheim is  Norways first urban ecological proving ground. The area is organised and driven by principles of sustainable environmental solutions. Svartlamon is all about community, creativity, counterculture, voluntary work, participation, inclusion, commonwealth, ecology, art, culture, family, friendship, music, tolerance, festivals and in summary, freedom.

Design issues:
The main issue to solve is getting patrons to attend the festival. Not only the local populace currently living in or close to Svartlamon, but reaching out to the rest of the city and the surrounding areas.This issue is solvable by creating a poster.The poster will be usable for print as well as a poster image usable in social media for the event.

The ticket bracelet will be given upon entry. The design should be simple, as the bracelet surface is not large enough to contain a complete illustration a small logo and/or icon is preferred.

The T-shirt design is more forgiving as some of the branding done on the poster and logo can be well displayed here.

Competition :
The other festivals in Trondheim are mainly music festivals.Few (none) events in and around the city are based on flowers.They are all cultural festivals in some way, however, flowers and urban living is not focused on at all. This means the urban flower festival is a niche that has not been explored by the bigger venues and event creators.

Relevant links to the other festivals and events in Trondheim (Norwegian) :
As for direct competition, this would be the floral businesses in and around the city. Reaching out to these may be wise as they can turn in to interested participants and maybe even sponsors of the festival.

There is however one event that is close to what this festival could be. This would be a reoccurring event called “Bare blomster” (Only flowers). This is basically a pop-up store and show room. It is an exhibition run by Karianne Elise.She is currently working on her master degree in experimental arts & craft in botanical design. Reaching out to this person could also be beneficial in connection with the planning of the festival.

Link (Norwegian) :

Target group :
Couples, families, culture buffs, artists, all ages.
Local polititians would also be interested in attending, as the area of Svartlamon has been the center of anti culture and have been a part of political controversy since the area as a community were started as occupied housing. There are now several entrepreneural startups and self sustainable solutions.The locals have established a connection with some of the local polititians to cooperate and keep Svartlamoen as a community run by the locals.

There are still discussions and controversy though as some want to tear down Svartlamoen to make new roads for busses and commuting to and from Trondheim.The expansion rate of the roads to and from Trondheim is on a level of madness, to lose Svartlamoen to any political agenda like this would be a great loss of culture and artistic influence to the city as a whole.


Talking points :
Gerilja gardening (Urban Gardening on patches of city land)
Started in 1973 in New York.

The Gentlemen gardener (a panel on aristocratic gardening )
Props, canes and tools.

Do nothing gardening explained
(influenced by techniques used in the rice fields of the east)

Competition ?.
Think up a botanical design competition for the program poster.


Moodboard :

Design Keywords :
Urban, Freedom.

To add to my creative flow i decided upon a few select words i feel may help define the design.

Sketches :


T-shirt designs :

Festival Bracelet Design :
For the bracelet design i went for a generic smartlock ribbon wristband.
I researched the wristband type here, Link :
I grabbed a screenshot and created my own design in Photoshop.


Poster designs:


PDF Links :
Products PDF
Brand Manual

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