Learning Activity – Playing With Ideas.

Learning Activities

If the idea is at the heart of everything, then I would like you to think of a movie that you love. Then look at its current title sequence and come up with a new one.

Sketch up the rough idea in the form of a storyboard. Your storyboard needs to be at 30 frames and should be for at least 1minute of motion design.

The first thing i did was reviewing some of my favorite intros from my favorite shows and movies.Here are a few of my choices :

The Last Samurai :

Marco Polo :

Black Sails :

So with this there is a definite historical and especially an Asian vibe in my personal preferences. This is no secret to me personally but it sheds some light on what style and influences i might go for.

The specific Title i am redrawing a new intro / story board for is “The Last Samurai”.
It should last for about two minutes and the story board contains 45 frames.


The last samurai`s story is somewhat based on a true story. A french man by the name of Jules Brunet : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6m7WLmAUeY

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