Illustration – Halo.



Thinking of a headsett as a halo, i wanted to illustrate this idea in a more modern style.

This is an illustration i created using procreate and the iPad pro. I spent a lot of time on the line art for this illustration, in fact i think i spent more time on the line art than i did adding colours and the final details.

This gave the lines a very crisp and detailed feeling and the look one usually gets from working with vector graphics rather than Raster based software.

(Raster based software can usually be defined as Adobe Photoshop,Procreate and Painter 2019. Vector based software are along the lines of Adobe Illustrator, Adobe draw and other high end logo designing software).

Line art.

Base colouring was then added to define the shapes as well as figuring out where the deepest shadows would be. I later realised that the base colour i used for the skin was too yellow and flatt. This i then remedied and fixed later by tweaking the layer properties (Hue/Sat).

Base colouring.

adding some more red to the skin in the areas where blood flows gives the illustration a more lifelike look rather than a flat two dimensional block of flat colouring. I also added some much needed highlights on the skin and headphones to give the image more depth.

Adding Highlights and hues.

To add more interest to the image itself i decided to add some more graphical elements to the headsett. I was also somewhat inspired by street art at the moment and wanted to reflect that in the decals.

Adding Decals and grafical elements.

Finally i made the necessary tweaks to the skin and base layers to make the colours look more natural. I also added some detailing and frecles to the skin.

Final touches – background, effects, tweaking colour tones and detailing.

I also used a colour dodge layer to create the illusion of sound visually as some kind of electricity around the headsett. Making sure it was in an interesting shape around the headsett and face.

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