Design & Art History – The Psychedelic Movement (CA.1960-1970)

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” The sixties was the last idealistic time, the years that shaped an entire generation. An era that some say ended with the death of president Kennedy and Martin Luther King jr.”

 – The Sixties – The Years That Shaped a Generation. – [Documentary]


In the late sixties something happened to an american generation that would mark them forever. It is a story of war, the struggle for racial equality and the explosion of counter culture, it was a time when a generation rebelled, and lost its innocence in the fight against injustice. Vietnam was the first ever televised war, and the images were inescapable.

A decade that ended with disillusionment and rage began on a moral high note. Thanks to Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King jr, it seemed the time for racial equality in the US had finally arrived.

There is so much to write about in this era, that it is very difficult to select just one thing to focus on. Even though there is an absurd amount of art and design that stems from this time period. When we talk about the “sixties” all we seem to recognise is the music, psychedelic rock and artists like Janis Joplin and Jimmy Hendrix in particular.

Album art and festival posters however is a good place to start. As music was a force to be reckoned with, so came the album art work and poster designs, hand in hand.

One thing that seems to be re-occurring with most of the visual artists at the time is a relation with underground comix. These were small press or self published comic books, usually socially relevant and satirical in their nature. These depicted content deemed unfit and forbidden to the more strict mainstream media.


Rick Griffin :
When we look up band posters it is hard to avoid finding a Grateful Dead poster somewhere, anywhere. The artist behind these were Rick Griffin.He was an american artist and one of the leading designers of psychedelic posters in the 1960s

His work within the surfing subculture included both film posters and his comic strip, Murphy.

Album art for the Grateful Dead album Aoxomoxoa and a poster for the Quicksilver Messenger Service at Avalon Ballroom 1/12-14/68 by Rick Griffin.




Victor Moscoso :
A Spanish-American artist, Moscoso was the first of the rock poster artists of the 1960s era with formal academic training and experience.

After studying art at the Cooper Union in New York and later attending Yale University, he moved to San Francisco in 1959 to study at the San Francisco Art Institute. Here he later became an instructor. He was one of the first of the rock poster artists to use  photographic collages in his art work.

His art and poster work has continued up to the present and he is a big inspiration to rock poster and album illustrators to this day.



Bonnie MacLean :
Another American artist making a name for her self at the time was Bonnie MacLean. She was born in Philadelphia and graduated from the Penn State University in 1960.

She then moved to New York where she worked at the Pratt Institute while attending drawing classes in the evenings. She later moved to San Francisco where she met and worked with a man named Bill Graham, who became famous as the promoter of rock concerts at the Fillmore Auditorium. There she worked alongside another artist by the name of Wes Wilson.

Wilson had a falling out with the promoter Bill Graham. Bonnie MacLean had been painting noticeboards at the auditorium in the psychedelic style, and took up the creation of the posters after Wilson left.  Thirty of her posters are now listed in the collection of the Brooklyn Museum.



Wes Wilson :
The aforementioned artist Wes Wilson was also one of the leading illustrators of psychedelic posters in the 1960`s. Working with Bill Graham and Bonnie MacLean, he was a big part of promoting venues at the time with posters and illustrative work for musicians and bands.

The font and lettering of the posters from this era were created by him. he popularised this “psychedelic” font around 1966 that made the letters look like they were moving or melting. This lettering is still used on newer albums and art works for artists like Foo Fighters, Kyuss Lives and The Queens of the Stone Age.

This in turn proves that the psychedelic movement is still influencing artists, especially in the world of metal, desert rock and stoner rock. The style is very much still alive as its own staple.



Modern poster styles :
Posters still influenced by the styles of art work can be traced through homages and inspirations in rock and metal posters from the present all the way back to this era.

Many more modern posters can be viewed on the web pages of Malleus Rock Art Lab if you should be interested. I personally find a lot of inspiration through their imagery.

Thank you for reading.

Mandatory Assignment 06 – Motion Design.

Mandatory Assignments



Concept : Initially i decided on starting out the animation in black and white, then to add color to some words to highlight and add some interest. Meaning i wanted to highlight instances (ie: words and concepts in the design) in red.

Moodboard : I wanted to keep it simple as this was my first After Effects project. So i focused mainly on the colours i wanted to use.

Animation : Starting out i structured the animation text needed for the project creating the main structure of the text in the animation. While story boarding a wanted to create something connecting the text to the studies Noroff provide, however doing this for every instance would be too much for a 30 second clip. I decided on a few aesthetics that i felt described the kind of work and concepts the students of Noroff work with.

The most time consuming part of this animation for me was going over all the videos about how to use After Effects. Learning the software itself by using it was the most rewarding for me personally and i am happy with the end result concidering this was my first shot at doing a professional intro in motion design.
Sound : I considered creating the sound design myself, however i wanted to keep my focus on animating rather than creating music for this assignment as i have never animated anything before. Keeping focus on learning as much as i could about using Adobe After Effects and animation.

After i got the animation going and things started to fall into place i spent allot of time doing small tweaks and making everything work with the music/beat. I also wanted everything to be timed well and did my best to try and keep the text flowing and somewhat dynamic. I tweaked and focused on the details as well even though they may not be
noticed the first time someone sees the intro.

I commissioned a musician to create something for me and this assignment. However life happens and the track was not finished when i needed it for my animation. I had a feeling this would happen this time around so i had already
researched and decided on a backup track to use.
Artist : Ceno Limit.

The licensing of this track is free as long as i credit the artist and do not use it for commercial gain (re-selling or charge for its use in any way).
I have reached out to the artist asking about the track and to specify this, however i never received any reply.


– Reproduction of tangible copies of a recording on the Beat of up to 50 non-profit copies.
– Showcasing of a recording on the Beat in a non-profit manner through an internet-based medium such as Myspace, Youtube, or a personal webpage.
– Performing a live act on the Beat in a completely non-profit show.
– Redistributing the Beat by itself with all filenames and credits intact (see section 2) through the internet or a tangible medium.

2. Credit. You will provide proper credit for the creation of the Beat by writing ‘Produced by (Insert Producer Name) on all official documents or surfaces released with tangible copies of a recording on the Beat. It is alternatively acceptable to credit the Beat’s direct producer’s real name or stage name for the creation of the Beat. If there are absolutely no means to provide written credit, vocal credit is required by actually recording the phrase ‘Produced by (Insert Producer Name)’ within the first 30 seconds of the Beat.

Design :
The design outcome is what i desired for this project. I focused on the typeface provided and had fun using it in the animation in different ways. The Gotham Typeface have alot of different fonts i could use to create something dynamic.
The one exception in this is the “Graphic Design” headline that i animated as handwriting,
here i used Brush script typeface to create the desired effect.

Analysis :
All in all i am satisfied with my animation. A few notes i have made for myself during this project is that i learned allot about animating text and effects. Next time i animate in after effects i would like to pursue something more visually “artsy”, meaning i want to use more illustration and maybe even videography to enhance my motion design.

Mandatory Assignment 05 -Awareness Campaign.

Mandatory Assignments


A21 exists to abolish injustice in the 21st Century. It is an international organisation working to eliminate human trafficking. In 2015 the organisation had 11 offices in 10 countries including its office in Norway.

The photos are to be shot outdoors using mainly natural lighting. External flashes may be used to supplement the natural light.

Your job is to design a poster for A21 for an awareness campaign targeted towards Norwegian people.

The purpose of this public awareness campaign is to get people to change their attitudes towards this subject as well as create awareness around the issue. Awareness campaigns often use intellect and emotion to highlight the campaign.

The campaign will have a name, slogan and any additional text you would like to add. You will also be doing a photoshoot indoors or on location. This will consist of a human model. You can choose to create illustrations and other graphics too.

Minimum size of your poster: A3



Mandatory Assignment 02 – Door to Door Organics.

Mandatory Assignments


  • Research the client, competition, drivers and barriers (Define the problem)
    Competition :
    After doing research i found that the main competition consists of four companies.Adams Matkasse :
    Godt Levert :
    Matkomfort :
    Veganermat : www.veganermat.noI also have first hand experience with one of the services. The one thing all of them have in common is that they ship pre structured dinners with a set recipe to follow along with the ingredients needed for that specific dinner.Meaning none of them ship individual items. This in turn means doing all your food shopping for the week is not possible. you get a sett choice between a few dinners and that is it. Considering one of the most asked questions in everyday life is “whats should we have for dinner ?” this effectively takes care of the issue. however, choice of items is limited.The upper hand Door to Door Organics would have in this case is delivery of specific items and more freedom of choice.This means it would be for the more advanced food crate consumer and family.People who know their way around a kitchen and consumers that are more interested in a solution for all meals and snacks during the week rather than just focusing on dinner.


  • Define the target group – create a consumer profileTarget group / Consumer profile :
    The first set of consumers that came to mind were chefs and serious food hobbyists.People that know how to structure and create their own food with recipes they already know, or have the knowledge to experiment with food to create their own meals from good ingredients alone.Another group of consumers that this solution would be ideal for are people looking for a door service that delivers items they know and need on a weekly basis. Consumers pre occupied with good ingredients and what food they consume. Customers looking for a healthy alternative to allot of the pre made foodstuffs sold in the general store.The main appeal with a door service like this is of course time saved going to the grocery store every other day. This would also be an interesting solution for people that are not necessarily equipped to go to the general store on a weekly basis. The elderly and physically challenged would see the benefits of a service like this.Another group that would appreciate a service like this are families raising kids and young children.The hasle of having to bring one or more kids through a store on any given day is something many would love to find relief from.Small and large families alike can appreciate spending time on learning and play instead of the nightmare (to some) that can be bored kids in a general store.
  • Analyse your findings and clarify the strategyFindings and Strategy :My findings during my analysis of the consumers and the product can be written up to these bullet points in short.
  • Time saved,better spent and managed (Save time, shop online).
  • Quality produce and organics for a better quality of life.
  • Less hasle getting to and from a store.
  • Freedom of choice in items and foods.
  • Shopping made easy.Figuring out the strategy when expanding the service to a new area is probably the most important, especially if there are competitors in the area.Running an effective campaign to get noticed is the first vital step. Appealing to the curiosity of something new in the area is the trick here.Creating a car wrap is a good step in this direction, the more deliveries the more exposure in the local community
    you will get.Developing touch points consumers can check out is also a good way to recruit new consumers.I really like the (hashtag) #joydelivered. This allows potential customers to look and get in touch with the community around the brand and helps them make a well informed decision and check out reviews when considering becoming customers of the service.Getting good reviews and recruiting this way demands staying on top of quality issues and ensuring satisfied customers of course.Ensuring the deliveries have that little extra the customers will enjoy and love with the product(s).
  • Idea developmentI was not quite sure where to start in the idea development phase so i began with colors just to get going with something ensuring i did not get stalled in my process.Looking and working with colors in Adobe Kuler focusing on the purples and greens as well as some of the orange tints, here are the main colors i decided upon. I wont use all of them however a pre defined selection is nice to have.Monochromatic set of colors :
    Complementary set of colors :complementary-door-to-door-organics
    Triad set of colors :
    triad-door-to-door-organicsAfter working with the logo sketches and designs i landed on these sets of colours and nuances.

    Monochromatic set of colors 2 :

    Nuanced sets of colors :



  • Sketching

    sketch line art.png

  • Logo
    O logo.pngLogo type.png
  • Visual identityI created a Logo / Decal to tag individual food groups as well.
    Yellow for a mixed box, Orange/red for meat, Blue for Seafood and green for vegetables and fruit.
  • Touchpoints: Packaging and car decoration (car wrap)box mockup yellow.pngcargo-van-mockup-1Cargo Van Mockup 2.png
  • Brand manual.
    Door to door Organics Brand Manual

Mandatory Assignment – 03 Product Advertising.

Mandatory Assignments

Together in T-Town, our favorite place to be.
Shopping and Dining

Poster in PDF format : Mandatory Assignment – 03 Product Advertising


Brief Using photography you are to create a street poster advertising Gågaten ( Pedestrian zone) The poster should promote the zone and reflect the important values it stands for. The poster should consist of a photo, slogan, logo and any other graphic elements you wish to add. It needs to be A2 format.

The aim of the exercise is to get to grips with photography and how to use your camera creatively as well as experiment with lighting. It is important to think about what works together to create the right atmosphere using model/view/ lighting etc.

Report :

Idea Development :
Thinking about what i wanted to capture with my camera for this assignment i knew i wanted pedestrians in my image to reflect the fact that it is a pedestrian zone. I also knew i wanted to give the image depth by taking advantage of some perspective, using something to give the image clear lines pointing to a vanishing point, ideally somewhere into a crowd. I also knew i wanted to have some trees in there to reflect the fact that autumn has come.

My biggest issue with all this is the fact that i wanted to use natural light, and it dissappears fast during autumn in Trondheim.This combined with the daily flow of pedestrtians varies during the day times and rush hours. This meant that i had to work fast while shooting, making sure i had both some light as well as pedestrians around. As this assignment was advertizing a place rather than a product i decided on calling the district “T-Town”. It is a nickname for Trondheim, and in fact alot of cities and towns with a name that starts with T.However, anyone living anywhere remotely close to Trondheim would know that T-town was a refference to this city, especially along with the right image.

Execution :
Having decided on theese points i grabbed my gear and went to town. I spent several hours of two seperate days with my camera walking around and shooting, looking for the right image perspective wise.
In the end i got the image i wanted. It was getting quite dark when i got the shot but the lights in the background as well as the very visible clothing of the red cross workers added to the atmosphere of the image giving it more depth.There were also the perfect amount of pedestrians, meaning i did not get anyone walking unknowingly in front of the shot.

Composition and Layout :
I experimented with both portrait and landscape modes for the poster. The image was taken in a landscape orientation but i decided on croping it for the poster and went with a portrait style. The flow of pedestrians and the benches by the side seems to lead the eye better in portrait for this image.

I also tried brightening the image alittle, however the colours seemed to dissapear making the image more flat so i opted against post processing in this case. The lighting on the benches and in the background also vanished when i brightened it, so i kept it like it was taken with the camera.All in all i am satisfied with how the image turned out as a nice evening shot.

Typography :
Despite the image being a bit dark it lends itself to let the typography “pop” alittle more. The logo “T” with town written across it is simple but effective in my opinion, i also like how the word town kind of splits the bigger T to ccreate a more interesting shape from a distance.

For the writing i used the typeface “Brush Script std”. Usually i would steer away from the handwritten style of fonts however in this case i think it ads to the feeling of autumn. Working on the slogan i first quoted “ Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured”. however it did not ad to the location or the poster the right way, trying to think up something more inviting i came up with the slogan “Together in T-Town, our favorite place to be”.

Target group :
The target group are people living around and in the outskirts of the city, people interested in shopping and hanging out with friends in the town centre.
It serves as a reminder that the town square and the shopping districts around town is the place to be, especially together with friends. In this one attempts to have people bring along friends to enjoy the city centre in the autumn colours together. With shopping and dining opportunities as well as events going on in the pedestrian zones.


Thank you for reading.

Mandatory Assignment 01 – Magazine Design

Mandatory Assignments
Brief About the project

A foreign publishing house has plans to publish a new magazine and has contacted you to do the project. They have an idea of what the magazine will be about and have finished articles. They just do not have any visual idea or strategy for the magazine itself. Your job is to come up with a concise strategy and visual concept that forms the basis of the magazine as well as the layout.

  • Customer brief
    Our magazine consists of world issue content. it outlines the biggest problems of our time as well as solutions. It also outlines a way forward with in-depth research and analysis, tools for citizen participation and stories about real people people working for a better world.
    Todays world is not ideal – climate change, financial collapse, poverty and war leave many people feeling overwhelmed and hopeless. Our magazine hopes to empower people with the vision and the tools to create a healthy planet with vibrant communitiesWe hope to do this by

    1. Reframing issues and having a vision for the future
    2. Giving a voice to the people who are in the hope of change
    3. Offering resources for people to use or pass on

    Our plan is to reach 150 000 readers and more every quarter. The magazine will be for sale in many bookstores, natural food stores and newsstands across the US and Canada
    These locations include small independent shops and co-ops as well as larger chain stores

    Advertising: Most magazines make their money from advertising but thats where we are different. We don’t want advertisers to influence the content of our magazine which means we are ad-free. We rely on tax deductible donations from our readers as well as foundation grants. Donations also fund our teachers, journalists, grassroots organisations, faith groups and policy makers. They will leverage the ideas in the magazine to inspire shifts at every level of society

    You need to produce the following
    • Brief visual strategy and concept (this can appear as a style board)
    • Name and logo
    • A grid and layout for the entire magazine
    • Front / Back
    • Table of Contents / colophon
    • Article Pages (select 6 of 8 the articles in the attachment
    • Title, by-line, introduction, subheadings, body text, captions, pagination,
    • Photography and illustration Physical dummy paper

Procedure Assignment process:

  • Start by looking at the downloaded files.
  • Research other books and magazines.
  • Apply idea development methods to find interesting ways to present the content.
  • Begin sketching on paper and refine them until you feel they are ready to be digitized.
  • Use Adobe Indesign for your layout.
  • Print out and test your ideas on fellow students via the forum.
  • We suggest you write your report continuously throughout the production process.


An additional challenge in this assignment is to acquire or produce photographs and illustrations. It is a well known issue for designers that customers often do not have enough visual material for a project. It is then up to the designer to find a creative solution. You are able to use relevant images from the web and image archives and credit where necessary. You are able to take new pictures and produce your own illustrations. The latter works well as you are able to give credit to the designer and you get a chance to show that you are able to work both with layout and photography as well as illustration.



I started by reading through the articles and thinking about the six articles i want to select for my magazine design. I then arranged them in the order i am hoping to present them.

1 Article 2 – Torturing Robots.

2 Article 6 – Herbs.

3 Article 5 – 80 Percent of power.

4 Article 4 – Staying human in Climate change.

5 Article 7 – Big City Living.

6 Article 8 – Animals and Urban life.

Already i have a mental image of what photos and illustrations i may need. I also think the assignment description gas made me subliminally think of the colour green.

I decided to create the front page and the back page last as i would like to see the contents of the magazine first to make creative decisions.

Also, in order to arrange imagery and illustrations i first arranged the article texts to find out how many pages and how much space was needed for each of the chosen articles. This way i would get a decent overview as a whole.

Naming and logo.. Urban Element… Urban Entity… Urban Being..




The Magazine in PDF form : Magazine Design.

Mandatory Assignment 00- Design Journey.

Mandatory Assignments
To start of the year you are asked to produce:

  1. Infographic
  2. Artists’ statement

Create a visualization of the entire Graphic Design course structure and add your own perspectives to create a infographic that reflects on your progression over the two previous semesters.

Your infographic will then help you in writing a short, and clear, artists’ statement.


For this activity your goal is to create a spacious, full-color, visualization of the Graphic Design course structure. The level of detail, and structure, is up to each student.
The point of creating this infographic is for you as a budding designer to reflect on you current skill level and where you want to be heading.
It is possible for you to use any type of tools to create this visualization – even 3D software.

The information graphic is the final draft of the image that you will present to the forum.

Artists’ Statement

Research other written artists’ statements where they are commonly used to complement and explain pieces of art. However you will be writing this statement about your creative identity and/or reflections about your future as a designer.

Bear in mind that your statement is to be no more then 400 letter. This means that it needs to be a highly reflected and concisely written text.


Infographic in PDF form :  GRA2_ FM2GD3111_Assignment00_ Design_Journey_ JohanTorhaug_22.08.2016.pdf

Mandatory Assignment 01 – Photography.

Mandatory Assignments


I have dived into photography quite deeply this semester. In this i have found a completely new hobby to obsess over.I always bring my camera with me now, sometimes even when i am just headed for the shop.

As is apparent in alot of my photos, i have taken a liking to night photography and fokus alot on this.None of thes images have been cropped or post edited at all with the exception of one or two Black and white images.



River bed – F stop = 32.0, Shutter = 26.0, ISO = 100.
This is probably what i would consider my first “lucky shot”.



Sverresborg archer – F stop = 5.6, Shutter = 1/100, ISO = 400.
The photo itself is a bit under exposed, however i was pleased with the depth of it.The composition is also good.




Old sea shack – F stop = 5.6, shutter  = 1/5 , ISO = 100.
I have a pretty good seconhand lens i used to zoom alittle closer to the shack here. i stood about 50-70 meters away. the image was taken a few minutes before a rainstorm rolled in.

Big dipper in aurora borealis – F stop = 8.0, shutter = 30.0, ISO = 400.
This image is from the second time i was out taking photos of the northern lighst in my area. The composition with the dipper and the trees were intentional.Lighting however in this image turned out partikularly well.

Thank you for reading.

– J

Mandatory Assignment 04 – Layout

Mandatory Assignments

The art of boiling water  —>  GRA_Assignment_04_Layout.
(This version have no pagination unlike my delivered version).

Front page

Introduction :
”The art of boiling water” is a fictional cookbook. You are to design the layout of this book and show examples of how the pages should look. In the book, you will use one serif font and one sans serif font.
The page format is 200 millimetres wide by 260 milimetres high with a 3 milimetre bleed.  Pagination.

Research and work :
My main tip for this project i procured from an actual chef that works at the Brittania hotel in Trondheim.
I was told the most important thing for a cookbook to be useful, and often seprates a good book from a bad book, is the fact that the information should be gathered on one spread. A cook does not want to change pages for the info he needs while he is cooking. If a cook has to change pages while he is cooking a recipe, he will likely  trash the book rather than put it to use.

The cookbook i took the most inspiration from was ”The Flying Culinary Circus” as this book is more or less a work of art wich i find truly enjoyable. If i were to aspire too create a whole cookbook this would be the staple i would aim for. The main thing i drew from the book into this project was the use of imaging, having an entire page focus on the imagery and composition of the food.

Design options/decisions :
I ended up changing the layout from the way i sketched out the book, my main reason for this was that i wanted to keep the quality of the imagery as sharp and ”good looking” as possible. Despite drafting out 2 sets of

My easiest design decision in the process of creating this ”book” was the choice of type, Calluna and Calluna sans, as i have seen this type on a menu at a local sushi restaurant. I really liked reading the menu and recalled the type the instant i saw it. I feel it brings the message/recipe forward in an easy to read easy to use style. It also ads to the visuals in the imagery by not being over the top as many menus type might be.

I also added a slim border that fades to all the pages and sections to bring the book together with something visual yet minimal. Even though the cover page is dark due to the imagery, this border is stil present by the title and then throughout the rest of the book.

I also made the Ingredients list pop out alittle more by making the text 14 pt while the description/how to portion is 12 pt. I did this as the Ingredients portion is usually the part you most often do a double take on while cooking or creating a shopping list.

Self-evaluation :
I focused most of my energy into making the book simplistic and practical to use in the kitchen, in retrospect i would have liked to bring alittle more ”fun and flare” to the book. however in the end i wanted to stay true to the information and imagery provided. I spent a good amount of time playing around with the textboxes, making printouts to see  how it reads etc. I might have done something more creative with this, but i could not quite  figure it out as the end result became a bit bland in my opinion.

Sketch :


Thank you for reading.

– J.

Mandatory Assignment 03 – Illustration.

Mandatory Assignments

For the illustration assignment we were asked to pick a song and create an illustration/poster based on this song.
The song i cjoose was Herr Drosselmeyer’s Doll by Abney park.

There is no opportunity to use text in the poster. The illustration must be in the format 210 x 300 mm, with a resolution of 300ppi and a 3 mm bleed.

Idea Development :
I wanted to illustrate the doll as a ballerina on a stage, as the songs lyrics portray her. The target group of the band/song is steampunk and or victorian inspired individuals. I wanted to illustrate this in the clothing of the ballerina and Herr Drosselmeyer, emphasizing the victorian style in favor over a steampunk look.I started to draw the doll/ballerina first and then developed the rest of the illustration around her as she will be the focal point and main focus of the illustration.

Illustration Style :
I decided to go for a painterly and drawn style.Albeit a tad cartoony, it gave the illustration some extra flare concerning the colours choosen.I gave the doll an unnatural hair colour and “blank/colorless” eyes to emphasize the fact that she is “unreal” so to speak, as the song portrays her.

Sketching :
I started with some very raw sketches to form a vague idea of what i wanted the illustration to contain. Some sketches of ballet poses and a man in the shadows as i wanted Herr Drosselmeyer to be a bit of a mystery. After getting the essence of the idea down, i started sketching digitally, as i would have a better grasp of what colours i would be using and change things around more easily as i experimented with different colour schemes. I added a pocket watch to illustrate time passed in the illustration and the end of the show. This is when Herr Drosselmeyer need to rewind the doll for the next show.

Illustration/Poster :
The stage, curtains and audiende i sketched out in Adobe Illustrator. Other than that i spent most of the time painting in Photoshop on 1-2 Layers, keeping things simple. I did not really want the audience to show too well, as i felt it could draw the focus away from the main focal point in the illustration. On the printout they are mere shasows as i intended.

Reflections :
In the end i got the result i intended, however, In the future i am going to play around more with textures instead of drawing everything by hand, i feel that it would greatly improve and add to my illustrations and in turn giving them a dash of realism.
I was considering recreating a logo in Illustrator and adding to the image but i did not find a good spot for it and feared this would ruin the focal points in the rest of the illustration. However i feel i stayed true to the rule of thirds.

Thank you for reading and enjoy the sketches.

pen sketch 01 pencil sketch 01 Digital Sketch 01Digital Sketch 02

Herr drosselmeyers doll